Wednesday, January 2, 2008


After a day back at the grind, how could I resist spending my evening adding new earrings to my online shop (look to the right, eh!) and taking the Etsy survey. (Would you like to participate in the survey and enter to win one of their five $100 shopping sprees? Click on...) As for the earrings, I had fun using some wonderful vintage German glass beads that I found while browsing Wimberley Market Days. They were in a basket outside of a little shop and they caught my eye immediately. They've been in my bead collection since summertime, but I brought them with me for our New Year's Eve in this beautiful Hill Country town and made lots of inspired glass earrings while my husband was fishing. I realized today while bathing in the glow of artificial lighting and a dirty computer monitor that a day of making earrings and watching deer in the yard is better than any day in the office...but don't tell my boss I said that.