Sunday, January 27, 2008


Is it a waste of a day to have an entirely "free" day and not make ANYTHING? It's Sunday, its after 9 pm, and I have wasted an entire day on the computer instead of in my workspace creating new stuff. I practically wasted away all of Saturday, too, with the exception of making a few new pairs of earrings for my etsy shop and taking photos of my latest jewelry, like these black rose earrings. The worst part of wasting these precious days away is that it was a beautiful weekend. We had gorgeous weather after a full week of rain, fog, and no sun. I should have been riding my bike, walking around the lake, or hiking in the greenbelt and absorbing some of the sunshine. But I just discovered Flickr...and there went my entire weekend! I uploaded photos, organized photos, joined groups, shared photos, searched other peoples photos, commented on their photos, and read comments that people left on my photos. In fact, its not quite bedtime--so I have another hour with Flickr before my weekend is over and I'm stuck in a different chair staring at a different computer.


This week was dreary, cold, and rainy for five days straight. There was no sun in sight and a definite chill in the air. What a great time for staying in and crafting! I dug back into my grandmother's button collection and made a new batch of colorful vintage button magnets--great for dressing up the fridge and posting my collection of lists. Making them is a process very similar to making the button rings. I just dig through the jar of buttons looking for interesting shapes and colors, then I start stacking them in various combinations. I put them together with a super strong adhesive, let them dry for a few hours, then use the adhesive to attach a strong magnet to the back of each stack. Voila!