Monday, February 11, 2008


I can easily say that I'm not a super sports fan, especially when it comes to televised sports. When the "super" Sunday comes around at the end of football season, its a given that I'll be at my parents' house snacking the day away on the game day buffet and wishing I was at home crafting. Knowing this about me, my mom came up with a craft project for us to do while the game was on this year. I couldn't have been happier! It was a project she'd seen on one of Martha Stewart's television shows, which usually intimidates me because Martha's crafts tend to require precision, skill, immense patience, and a laundry list of exotic supplies. But this project involved stamping, a craft I mastered back in the 90's. The project was simple and I was impressed with the results. We made kitchen towels stamped with an apple pattern--using a real sliced apple. The materials included cotton towels (we used rectangles of muslin that mom hemmed), apples, acrylic paints, fabric medium for the paints, and a paintbrush. You just slice the apple, apply paint, stamp on the fabric, let it dry a bit, then draw on the seeds and stems. Voila!

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yellowfish said...

These are cute! They're so perfect looking I can't believe they're made with real apples!