Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It all started with birdy necklaces--the ones with two birds building a nest together on a pewter tree branch. Then I had to make bird earrings--flying swallows with Czech glass flowers to give them a bright shot of color. I have now moved into bird hair accessories. Cheep! Cheep!

I made these sweet "tweets" as bobby pins that can be pushed into a messy ponytail, especially when you need a funky party accessory for a night out. You can also use them to pull your bangs over to the side (my personal favorite) or push a cowlick behind your ear. When you don't want to adorn your 'do with these feathered friends, they can also be perched on the page you've just finished as a sweet bookmark--or perched on your collar as an alternative to a brooch.

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belle said...

i love your work! i just recieved an email from you via flickr. How did you know to send that to me? have you seen my blog? I just love your stuff and your photos are just beautiful.