Saturday, January 19, 2008


Some things in life are treasured in my book. Time with family, time off from work, time to be crafty, time with my friends, time to eat a home cooked meal... I am having a treasured weekend. My husband and I are in Wichita Falls visiting my new family--my mother and father-in-law, aunt, uncle--on a long holiday weekend. The drive to Wichita Falls is a long one, but we have learned to make it a treasure hunt along the way, taking our time to visit antique stores and resale shops in the small town squares along the way. My husband has the treasures that he hunts for and I have mine and we make our way through the narrow aisles of the overstuffed shops hoping to score riches for our various collections before we jump back in the truck and head further down the road. While we haven't scored many thrifty treasures so far this weekend (there's still tomorrow!) compared to other trips we've been on, we've had some quality time together with family, and that's pretty golden. Oh, I did score this fab old jar of vintage buttons in a barn in Bowie, Texas today--but would have missed out on it without my mother-in-law along for the ride. I walked right past it, but she saw high up on a shelf and remembered how much I looooove vintage button jars. Score!

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